The Paddle for Life started after lifeguards from Fistral Beach held a Joe Way memorial paddle to raise money for charity in 2008.  Joe is the inspirational little boy who touched people's lives around the country and beyond.

Our aim is to raise awareness of Joe’s story and inspire people to raise money for their chosen charity.

2020 Paddle For Life

The date of the 2020 Newquay Paddle for Life is Thursday 18th June...  See you there...

Joe's Paddlers add new charity to list

Written by Scott Dickinson on .

The latest charity to benefit  will be "Help Izzy Walk".   Izzy's family are a family from St Columb Major, Cornwall and this year they started a series of fundraising events to raise £80.000 for their daughter Izzy Pearce to have SDR, a life changing spinal operation which will hopefully help Izzy walk.

Izzy is one of identical twins and she has Cerebral Palsy Spastic Diplegia. This means she has increased muscle tone and her legs are constantly stiff (spasticity), she suffers from pain and also has difficulty with leg movements, coordination and balance.  Because of her condition, Izzy cannot walk or even stand unaided.

Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (SDR) is a life changing complex spinal operation, the only surgical procedure that permanently reduces or eliminates stiffness and spasticity in the legs.

Spasticity causes a lot of pain, and over time, shortening of muscles and tendons, joints contractures and bone deformities.

Ursula Izzy's mum said "All we want is to give Izzy the best chance to be able to run around with her twin sister (her best friend!) and be able do all the things we all take for granted".

Matt Way, Joe's father, said; "Claire and I have been inspired by how Izzy, her family and friends have raised over £40,000.00 in such a short space of time. when you can see a solution to help your child have a better quality of life there is no stronger motivation than that. We are really excited about the crowdfunder page and we have some great pledges for people to buy".

The Crowdfunder page has been launched to boost extra funds for this year's Paddle charity pot with most of crowdfunding  proceeds going to Izzy's cause.

It works by you pledging money and in return you will receive one of the fantastic donations on offer including Saltrock clothing vouchers, signed paddle posters from surfer Ben Skinner, Ben skinner signed print, big wave rider Tom Butler's signed print, T-shirts and a voucher for the Aqua Park at Retallack to name but a few.

The page must reach its total of £500 to release the money and pledges so its all or nothing and the page deadline is the 18th June so its up to you to help these great local causes.

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